Historic Areas

Many of Oklahoma City’s most exciting things are happening in the historic areas. Areas include downtown OKC and the central business district, Bricktown, Deep Deuce, and Midtown as the most central located areas and they offer great walkability to work and entertainment. The areas above are known for the best access to urban lifestyle as defined in other cities.  Branching out from there, Heritage Hills sits just on the edge of downtown starting at NW 13th Street and heads north. This area was the start of the city’s finest estates and built by many of the influencers of the time. Adjoining Heritage Hills is Mesta Park known for it’s two and three story homes built at the turn of the 20th century.

To the east and by the state capitol is architecturally revered, Lincoln Terrace. Also built in the early 1900’s, the neighborhood’s proximity to the OU Medical Center area makes it attractive to many in that field.

West of Heritage Hills and Mesta Park (still south of NW 23rd Street and the Uptown area) are the Crestwood, Gatewood, Miller neighborhoods. West of Drexel is Linwood Place.

The Plaza District is a newly revitalized (and very lively) area off NW 16th Street. Neon lights and retro themed signs illuminate this block of bars, eateries and shops. The highly organized merchant’s association puts on festivals, weekend events and more… a real draw to the homes in this area.

North of NW 23rd is the artistically fun, Paseo district featuring restaurants, shops and galleries. Paseo pulls in the crowds for the “First Friday Art Walk.”  Edgemere Park and Crown Heights continue from there and homeowners love the adjacent Western Avenue District with Will Roger’s Theater (now coffeeshop and restaurant), Cock of the Walk bar and grill, VZD’s, The Sip and many other great restaurants and retail experiences.

Other areas north of NW 23rd Street are the Shepherd, Cashion, Cleveland and Venice neighborhoods. Charming streets and centrally located, this area has been a steady force in Oklahoma City real estate market.

Putnam Heights/Military Park is north of NW 36th off Classen. Stately homes and cozy bungalows fill this storied area once known as the northern part of Oklahoma City’s prominent leaders.


It is important to note that the term historic represents a time period built. In Oklahoma City, there are special areas with design restrictions that are designed Historic Preservation Districts and Historic Landmark Overlay Districts. Those areas are:

(Click link for maps of street boundaries for HPD):

-Crown Heights

-Edgemere Park

-Jefferson Park

-Mesta Park/Heritage Hills

-Heritage Hills East


-Putnam Heights


Alan and Heather both lived in Edgemere Park and know, love and respect the historic lifestyle. We love connecting people with the romance and urban feel of these areas.

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