Quail Creek

Located in northwest Oklahoma City, Quail Creek is one of the state’s largest and most established neighborhoods. Quail Creek began taking shape in 1960 as a large portion of the Browne family farm was sold to make way for a new Country Club and residential community. By late 1961, the Country Club was open and homes were popping up all around the area. The neighborhood (that now sits at the hub of northwest Oklahoma City growth area) was considered extremely suburban at the time and was surrounded in all directions by farmland.

Quail Creek was built in phases, allowing city streets and utilities to be added in smaller segments. Because of this, you will find sections of the neighborhood that date back to the 1960’s and sections as new as the 1990’s. Each developed area operates under its own (although almost identical) set of covenants that, along side city codes, help guide the restrictions/development of the area.

Quail Creek is proud to be home to a huge diversity of residents, home styles, and home sizes. As a neighborhood in high-demand, it is common to find homes that have been completely updated or that are currently being remodeled. More recently, you will find homes along the golf course being torn-down and replaced with dream-homes for some lucky residents.

From empty-nest homes to multimillion dollar homes, Quail Creek neighbors have found a common bond in the desire for a traditional neighborhood. It’s a neighborhood made up of residents to appreciate the winding streets, the large trees, kids playing, and the since of community that comes with appreciating your neighbors.

Now considered a two square mile area, Quail Creek stretches from May Avenue to Hefner Parkway (east to west) and Hefner Road to Memorial road (south to north). It is home to one of Oklahoma City’s most recognized elementary schools, excellent parks, and one of the region’s best country clubs. It is adjacent to excellent shopping, grocery stores, pharmacies and more essentials. Neighboring recent commercial booms along the Memorial Road corridor, Quail Creek is also a short mile or less from most major retailers, major business complexes, hospitals, shopping malls, and restaurants of all kinds. Thanks to Quail Creek’s unique location, size, and longevity, we enjoy the benefits of an “establish neighborhood” with the many conveniences that come with a booming surrounding.

source: Quail Creek HOA

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