Oklahoma City – Top Transformed Rivers in U.S.

Heather Davis August 5, 2016

7 Cities Transforming Their Rivers From Blights to Beauties article featured on Wired.com…

#2 Oklahoma City

In the 1920s and 30s, the US Army Corps of Engineers rerouted the North Canadian River around downtown Oklahoma City, to avoid flooding. The result was a marshy watercourse that locals liked to joke about mowing instead of rowing. A $53-million project completed in 2004 rejuvenated the stretch, creating the seven-mile, dam-controlled body of water whose name was then changed to the Oklahoma River. Since then, a one-cent sales tax initiative has funded additional enhancements to the river and its surrounding Boathouse District. Master planned by local architecture firm Rand Elliot + Associates, the area includes walkways, performance spaces, shopping, and angular glass and steel boathouses. The newest feature, an 11-acre whitewater kayaking and rafting site known as RiverSports Rapids, opened this spring.





Full article – http://www.wired.com/2016/08/7-cities-transforming-rivers-blights-beauties/

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